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The key dates in our history


December 1

Creation of Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA by CA des Savoie and CA Centre-Est with support from CA Indosuez (Suisse) SA, with the aim of supporting cross-border clients in Switzerland with mortgage loans in CHF. At the time, we had only one branch in Geneva (Place Dorcière) with 15 employees. Our second Geneva branch opened quickly thereafter, at rue du Rhône (Rive).


Lausanne branch

Lausanne branch opened. In 2012, it was moved to the current address (rue du Petit-Chêne).


Basel branch

Basel branch opened. In 2015, it was moved to the current address (St. Alban-Anlage).


Fribourg branch

Fribourg branch opened.


Cornavin branch

Relocation of our first Crédit Agricole Financements branch from Place Dorcière to Cornavin (rue de Chantepoulet).


Locally-based bank

With the introduction of useful everyday banking products and services – in addition to the already-existing mortgage offering – we become a universal, locally-based bank able to better respond to cross-border commuter and Swiss-resident clients’ needs. We open a third branch in Geneva (Plainpalais) and now have 110 employees.


CA Franche-Comté

CA Franche-Comté becomes a shareholder of Crédit Agricole Financements. We open three new branches – in Yverdon-les-Bains, Neuchâtel, and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The Yverdon-les-Bains branch moves to its current address (rue de la Plaine) in 2014, the same year we partner with Helvetia to be able to offer life insurance.


CA Alsace-Vosges

CA Alsace-Vosges becomes a shareholder of Crédit Agricole Financements. To round out our range of pension products, we join forces with SwissLife this same year as well.



We reach the 20,000-client mark.


Mobile app

We now have over 150 employees and 30,000 clients. This year also sees the launch of both our mobile banking app, as well as a health insurance offer in partnership with Helsana.



Launch of our first mobile bank, under the name “Movin'Bank”, which later becomes “Bank on the Road”. In 2019, a second mobile bank is added.


Zurich branch

A representative office is opened in Zurich, at the CA Indosuez premises, which then goes on to turned into a branch. In 2016, we not only increase our pension fund offering in partnership with Liberty Prévoyance, but also create our online branch, recruiting some 20 specialist advisers in Geneva and Basel. We also finalise the securitisation of mortgage-backed securities – a first on the Swiss market in over 15 years.


CA next bank

We change our name shortly after having passed the 40,000-client milestone: Crédit Agricole Financements became Crédit Agricole next bank. In 2017, we also join forces with European leader in asset management, Amundi, to launch a thematic investment fund offering in Switzerland.



In partnership with AXA, we complement our product line with the introduction of a wide range of non-life insurance solutions.



Our head office is relocated from rue du Rhône to the new Pont-Rouge business district; here, a new client area is opened. A 4th branch is opened in Geneva. This flagship branch is less of a traditional, and more of a user-friendly format, inviting people to come in. In 2019, some 50,000 clients now place their trust in us.


20 ans

This year, we’re celebrating our 20 years of existence in Switzerland. Today, we have over 200 employees and a perfect balance between men and women. We launch our Covered Bonds programme in September 2020.


The contest has ended

Our solidarity contest is now over. The charity behind the mystery photo was

an association that supports families affected by leukodystrophy and which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

With each participation in the contest raising CHF 20.- for the association, we were able to raise CHF 10,000 in donations. To this amount, we added the CHF 10,000 raised by our employees during the "Slip your sneakers on and beat the disease" Solidarity Day.

We were delighted to be able to hand over a CHF 20,000 cheque to Pascal Priamo, Director of ELA Suisse.


next bank
in their words

Discover our journey through the testimonies of those who have made, and still make, our bank what it is today – from the founder to the client, and from the employee to the partner.


Michael Ratuszniak

Director, Zurich Branch

When I arrived in 2009, our presence in German-speaking Switzerland was relatively small – with a single branch in Basel. As the bank’s presence grew, so too did our legitimacy in German-speaking Switzerland. For several years now, Crédit Agricole next bank has focused its energies on exploring this high-potential area. Today, we have some 30 employees across 3 branches whose daily work is focused entirely on client satisfaction. I’m so proud to be part of this adventure, and am convinced that the best pages of our history have yet to be written.


Peter Cordani

Key Account Manager Partner, HypoPlus

We congratulate CA next bank on its 20th anniversary and look forward to many more years of successful partnership. We appreciate the very friendly dynamics and way of working together. With CA next bank as partner, we cover many client inquiries throughout Switzerland, offering them real added value. At the same time, we support CA next bank in its expansion into German-speaking Switzerland.


Romain S.

Cross-border client

As a cross-border worker in Geneva since 2008, and after a first try with a local bank, I wanted to find a new banking partner I could really trust. New to opening an account in Switzerland and 3rd Pillar investment, I turned to CA Financements (next bank). My advisor explained the bank’s different services to me, as well as the various banking operations I could make from France to Switzerland. It’s so easy now to link between my French payments and my Swiss account, and to manage my salary account. The management costs are virtually nil, too – especially since the CHF/EURO exchange rate is so competitive. What’s more, the bank manages this all directly. I have never – in our 10-year relationship – had any management issues or inexplicable costs. I’m always recommending the bank and promoting it among my friends or to new cross-border commuters!


Catherine Galvez

General Manager CA next bank (2014-2019); Current Deputy to the Chief Risk Officer, Crédit Agricole Group (Paris)

MMy history at CA next bank will always be marked by the development of the Strategic Project, built on the foundations of shared values, marked by strong ambitions for the future, and introduced by the C@PS100 teams. One of the more symbolic moments in the Strategy was the name-change. As General Manager, I genuinely feel I experienced an exceptional moment in the bank’s history, and am incredibly proud of having introduced and led this change alongside the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and all the employees. The Crédit Agricole next bank brand perfectly illustrates this dynamic, modern bank, that is as close to its clients as it is committed to their satisfaction – indeed, a brand that is much better-suited to the cultural and linguistic diversity of Switzerland. With our teams’ spirit and energy, and the potential Switzerland represents for Crédit Agricole, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we’ll be hearing about its successes for many years to come.


François Rayroux

Former Member of the Board of Directors, CA next bank

CA next bank opened my mindset by enabling me to be part of a company with a clear goal: to establish itself in a region which – historically speaking – has numerous economic and personal ties, and which, as far back as the Middle Ages, extended to Annecy, Basel, and Zurich. It is in this very region, in fact – which allowed the House of Savoy to maintain close relations with the towns and cantons of early Switzerland – that Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA (subsequently CA next bank) sought to establish a local bank serving cross-border workers and the Swiss population by offering real-estate financing and all manner of financial services for private individuals as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. This desire to unite several regions across borders, bringing together different cultures with common origins – in both the French- and German-speaking regions of Switzerland – enables, even today, the building of proverbial bridges, linking the different regions of this vast area in the heart of Europe and at the crossroads of the major alpine crossings. I can only continue to wholeheartedly support this initiative, and hope that it continue to build upon the shared goal of creating a common base between our countries.


Manuel Leuthold

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, CA next bank, Independent Consultant

Over the course of my long career, I’ve been fortunate enough to do just about every job in banking. Back in 2007 or 2008, I had suggested to my then-employer the idea of developing mobile points of sale to cover the areas where we didn’t have a physical presence. A well-equipped, well-staffed vehicle seemed to be the most efficient solution! The project ultimately failed for reasons linked to the cost of security (in those days, cash had to be distributed!). Well, imagine my surprise when I joined the CA next bank Board of Directors – only to see that the idea was already implemented there... and successfully so! Meeting clients exactly where they are isn’t just a hollow concept: it is a daily reality, and proof that innovation is part of the retail banking world!


Laurent Bennet

Chairman of the Board of Directors, CA next bank

As Chairman of CA next bank and Managing Director of Crédit Agricole des Savoie, I’m proud of the progress made over the last 20 years. Together with all the border-based Caisses Régionales teams – which are shareholders – we’ve created a unique ecosystem that enables us to meet the needs of our clients on both sides of the border. Over the years, we’ve created a true transformation: one that makes CA next bank the young, dynamic Swiss bank it is today – recognised and respected in Switzerland. We aim to continue this trajectory by strengthening our presence in Switzerland and by regularly offering new services to our clients. Our commitment? To be useful to our clients and those they hold dear, and to act in their – and in society’s – interests every single day.


Pierre J.

Expat client

We had met the head of the Geneva Rive branch, Mr Mansouri, two years ago for a project that never came to fruition. The encounter, however, was really positive. Mr Mansouri always stayed available and proactive, offering sound advice. It stands to reason, then, that we would go back to him when new real-estate opportunities arose. Through my relationship with Mr Mansouri, what I see in CA next bank is a dynamic bank – one that adapts to find solutions and follows through on its clients' projects. Today, yes: we are owners. But above all, we are delighted with the service, and the teams’ speed and professionalism.


Pierre Vernet

Advisor, Crédit Agricole de Savoie (Saint-Julien branch)

As advisor in a branch bordering Switzerland, CA next bank is a valuable link when it comes to supporting our clients in their daily lives between France and Switzerland. Today, our cross-border clients appreciate being able to deal with the same group on both sides of the border, as this saves both time and costs. This 2-in-1 system offers clients all the benefits of Crédit Agricole with a comprehensive approach to their needs in France and Switzerland alike. Over the course of 20 years, we have developed a model with CA next bank that makes the border simply a physical one, not a banking one.

Rebecca Haddad

Process Manager, Credit & Banking Services Management

When I arrived in 2002, the Bank had about thirty employees (branches included). Today, 18 years later, and changing up a few figures, we are now over 200 employees. Whether in terms of project structure, supervision, regulatory, or market developments, the Bank has transformed over the years, sweeping its employees up in its wake. This lasting transformation highlights qualities such as openness, listening, and knowledge-sharing. Take, for example, how very mindful the Bank is of creating concrete opportunities for every employee to develop within the company – not only in their own roles, but in roles that weren’t initially theirs, thanks to access to training. Over the years, what has always stood out for me are the bank’s very human qualities – ones that, in my opinion, serve the clients’ best interests.


de Sincerity and honesty: The lifeblood of professional bankers

In May of 2019, Thibault Reversé took the helm as CEO of Crédit Agricole next bank in Switzerland


Mr Reversé, you’ve spent almost your entire career at Crédit Agricole. What is it that connects you so much with this brand?

Crédit Agricole group has a fascinating history, one which espouses human values I identify with deeply. On a very personal level and quite simply, it is the bank that gave me the boost I needed to finance my higher education. At the time, this was no small amount – and certainly not typical for the Crédit Agricole in my village.

More than one hundred years after its founding, and not too far from the Swiss border in fact, Crédit Agricole established itself in Switzerland to better serve our cross-border commuters – those we had served historically – to help them find solutions that truly met their needs. It was also to introduce the bank to Swiss residents. Today, our offering has certainly grown, but our clients’ needs remain our central guiding element. We want to exercise the banking profession with sincerity and honesty, with the same ethical and responsible approach that is so typical of the Group as a whole. My sharing this vision and these values ​​is what connects me so strongly to the Crédit Agricole group.


The bank is celebrating its 20th anniversary. You’ve now been CEO of Crédit Agricole next bank for just over a year. What conclusions, on this anniversary year, are you able to draw?

I’m particularly impressed by the various teams’ sheer level of commitment, as well as the bank’s “start-up” spirit – constantly seeking the best solutions for our clients. It's refreshing and highly motivating. There’s so much energy. When a company is rapidly growing, providing the highest levels of service quality must be a driving force: it’s essential. And in the world of retail banking, it is invaluable.


What are your goals for the coming years?

We plan to maintain a sustainable and reasonable growth trajectory, and continue acquiring new cross-border clients while continuing to develop our network in Switzerland. In that regard, we’re going to be opening a new branch in Zurich. In fact, you’ll be able to visit us in 2021 on the Limmatquai! We also plan to move into Bern and expand our business into La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Our top priority is client satisfaction. This means listening to our clients ever-more closely, truly understanding them, and improving ourselves and our offering according to their unique needs and what they value most. To give you an idea of just how important this is to us, we even discuss client feedback during our Board of Director meetings. We review not only what they say is working for them, but also what they feel we could improve. Then we actively include this feedback in our development plans. In fact, this is the very reason why we have major upcoming plans aimed at offering our clients improved, more reliable technological solutions.

Our mission? To truly understand our clients today to better serve them tomorrow.


Fintech companies are increasingly challenging banks. How do you see yourself in relation to them, now and in the future?

Fintechs are a source of inspiration - we can learn from them! It’s up to us to take full advantage of what they have to offer, and combine this with our strengths: global and multi-channel support over a lifetime, for every need – however big or small. In fact, this is a mindset shared by Crédit Agricole. For example, it has created a network of villages in France – which is in fact gradually expanding internationally – that is dedicated to innovation and focused entirely on the economic development of young companies.


How do you see your agencies in 20 years’ time? Will there be more of them, or will we just be meeting our advisors in a meet a virtual space with Virtual Reality glasses?

That’s up to the client to decide! Having said that, there certainly are new innovations on the horizon. On our side, we’re testing out a new branch format: it’s a friendly branch, one that encourages people to come in. For us, the bank is a dynamic place, full of life – a place to discuss projects and make them happen. We’re moving beyond the formality of traditional banking spaces. To adapt to our clients’ needs, we’re constantly reinventing ourselves and introducing new ideas – just look, for example, at our mobile bank crisscrossing the Jura border!


The bank's 20th anniversary coincides with Covid, making it difficult to host a big party. So, what are you planning?

While we haven't planned a big party, we wanted to honour this moment and thank all those who’ve made this bank possible: our clients, employees, shareholders, and partners. To mark the occasion, we’re also supporting an association that helps the parents of children with disabilities through collaborative action. At this point, I can’t share any further details without compromising the contest we’re running, but I do encourage everyone to participate to increase the prize fund that’ll be donated to the association!


Last but not least: what is your wish for the future of banking?

I could of course talk about our financial goals, or the success of our business development... but honestly, what I hope for most is that we keep the energy and "start-up" spirit within the company. It creates a strong, unique dynamic – one I find inspiring and that contributes to building a creative work environment for our employees. What better way to start the next 20 years of banking?

Thibault Reversé -
CEO Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) S.A.


20 years of anecdotes

Click on a photo to read the anecdote

Concrete-Gobbling Monster


Shortly after moving to the Pont-Rouge headquarters, employees started acting rather strangely... Several times a day, they’d be glued to the windows, yelling out all sorts of things! The cause? The demolition of the CFF cargo tower, just opposite. It was an impressive sight: a 120-tonne beast of an excavator that was big enough to reach the top of the tower, chomping away at the concrete!



In 2015, Genevans saw green superheroes swoop into the city’s trams. A new blockbuster movie? Nope! It was the new CA next bank marketing campaign, ‘crusading’ to spread the word about the bank! We don’t know if people actually took advantage of the competitive offers presented on the tramcars, but one thing’s for sure: the bank was certainly talked about!

The Little Red... Capon?


The name for the head office at Pont-Rouge was almost... “Petit Chapont Rouge! This funny play on words – a riff on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and homonym of “chapon” (“capon” in English) – was one of the ideas floated by employees as part of the contest held to name the new site. Ultimately, in a nod to “Evergreen” (the Crédit Agricole campus in Paris) and to CA next bank’s signature mint colour, the IT & Digital department’s proposal of “Evermint” got the most votes.

The “Rösti” Border at CA next bank


“En allant chercher une fourre, je me suis encoublé et j’ai fait tomber mon cornet plein de cheni.” This random sentence (about wanting to get a folder, but tripping and dropping a bag full of ‘stuff’) might sound like French and be perfectly understood by the Swiss-French, it is essentially gobbledygook for a French colleague! Indeed, several CA next bank employees hail from the neighbouring country, and the use of “Swissisms” sometimes leads to confusion and funny situations... so much so, that it inspired a dedicated section – “Le dictionnaire franco-suisse illustré” (The Illustrated French-Swiss Dictionary) – on the ca-frontaliers.com website.

Spotlight on Women


A business run by a woman is rather rare (barely 5% worldwide) – all the more so, when it comes to the traditionally male-dominated world of banking. And yet, between 2015 and 2018, women made up 50% of the CA next bank Executive Committee, with Catherine Galvez as CEO of the bank. A great example to set for the new generation!

Cheesy Meetings


During a Board meeting, it isn’t unusal to have lunch on site to maximise time. What is, however, more unusual is to organise a fondue (half-and-half, of course!) right in the middle of the Boardroom! Needless to say, the whole bank enjoyed waftings of cheese for the rest of the day!

Let's dance


The Cornavin branch opened its doors in 2008. Marking the occasion, a beautiful inaugural evening was organized right on the premises, but there wasn’t enough room to dance. No worries, though! No longer in use, the vault room was transformed into a dance floor for the evening!

The “Fête de l’Escalade”


At CA next bank, the “Fête de l’Escalade” is serious business!

Every year, some 200 employees from the bank and the neighbouring regional banks (including Crédit Agricole des Savoie!) take part in the “Escalade” race for a good cause. The bank covers registration costs, then pays an equivalent amount to an association.

After the race, employees enjoy an ever-bigger chocolate “marmite” (cauldron) – to the point that a mallet is now needed to break it into pieces!

Tanguy and Laverdure


Tanguy and Laverdure are comic-book heroes. So, what do they have in common with CA next bank? Our Director of Credit and Banking Services! Passionate about aviation, he is the co-author of the comic strip “Coups de feu dans les Alpes” (“Shots Fired in the Alps”), the latest volume in the “Classic” adventures series featuring Tanguy and Laverdure.

Following a providential meeting with the son of the Tanguy and Laverdure creator, our Director wrote a story in which the two heroes embark on a mission aboard their Mirage to defend the colours of France in the Land of William Tell.

Up There on the Mountain


At CA next bank, the various meeting rooms have themed names.

In the old headquarters, the theme was artists’ names. However, for employees who were unfamiliar with the Swiss artist’s work, the “Tinguely” meeting room had its challenges, pronunciation-wise: they’d pronounce it, “Tiiiinguely”.

In the new headquarters, the rooms are named after mountain peaks. And it isn’t unusual to come across an employee who is lost and “looking for the Matterhorn”!

Mobile Banking


How did the idea of ​​a mobile bank come about?

An innovation contest was held internally in 2012. All ideas were welcome! Inspired by aerial advertising recently seen on television, a young, newly-hired assistant suggested having a mobile CA next bank truck. Good ideas can come from anywhere!

“Pillionnaire’s Club”


Promoting a new product isn’t always easy. So in 2013, as motivation, the bank gave “Pillionnaire’s Club” mugs to all the advisors for every new 3rd pillar subscription.

The only glitch? Way too many of these mugs – slightly kitsch and adorned with 3 pillars – were ordered, ultimately flooding into all the CA next bank offices, causing general hilarity. Today, they've become collectors’ items!

Old-Fashioned Credit


While today, one can get a mortgage loan online on our website in 20 minutes, it’s hard to imagine that initially, there wasn’t even any credit analysis service at all – nor was there, in fact, any credit expertise within the bank.

Twenty years ago, files were handled “the old-fashioned way” at CA next bank: they were simply compiled in a Word file. The requests were then presented once a week to a Credit Committee and discussed live.

Helicopter Transport in Chamonix


Being part of the bank's Executive Committee doesn’t come without its risks!

During a ski trip that had been organised in Chamonix, the then-General Manager had to be rescued by helicopter after getting stuck on a rock face.

More shaken than injured, he got away without a scratch.

Tour de Romandie


When it comes to sponsorship, CA next bank doesn’t do things in half measures! In 2007 and 2008, the bank sponsored the Tour de Romandie by dispatching a small team of employees who followed the cyclists in each stage of the race.

Operation "Japanese Knotweed"


In October of 2015, when the bank gave employees the opportunity to participate in a volunteering day, they certainly hadn’t imagined they’d end up with their feet in the water, wrangling plants!

In partnership with the “Association pour la sauvegarde du Léman” (ASL, an association for the protection of Lake Geneva), off they went to Versoix to pull out Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant that stifles the growth of other, native plants. Growing up to 4 cm per day, this plant is a real threat to the biodiversity and beauty of the Lake Geneva coastline.

The first of its kind, this initiative was part of the bank’s desire to promote the values ​​it defends – particularly social and ecological.

CAF to the future


For the 15th anniversary of CA next bank, a film shown during the year-end plenary retraced the bank’s history.

In it, employees go back in time to understand the founding of CA next bank and the key dates that followed.

Despite being good actors, another ‘actor’ stole their limelight: the DeLorean, the iconic “Back to the Future” car that had been used in the film

Music Maestro


When you think of the Head of a bank’s Legal Department, you’d probably think of a rather stern or stiff person, which is why CA next bank lawyers were a tad surprised when they discovered the surprising artistic side of their new ‘conductor’ – an established musician who composes and scores music for films!

Social engagement

Social engagement

At 20, we enter the age of responsibility... Ours? Simply put: being part of making tomorrow’s world a better place by engaging in social, medical, and environmental causes. Growing together? Yes, but committing together, too. Because we are convinced that we are stronger together.

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